Love story

28 feb. 2016

On Aleh:

Beret: miwa's airship -LoveYourself Berets #2Black @Shiny shabby
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair - Gingerbread
Top: miwa's airship -LoveYourself Top#8 Black @Shiny shabby
Jeans: miwa's airship -LoveYourself Pants#4 DirtyBlue @Shiny shabby
Bag: ~ Ss ~ - Wa-Kinchaku BAG @Creators collection box
Shoes: REIGNxFLITE- Classics - Black


PURPLE POSES - Couple 453 @Collabor88


GOOSE - The deck
Flowers: LB_Sunflowers{Field}
dust bunny . lounging chair
dust bunny . folding side table
dust bunny . costal vases
GOOSE - Hanging bed plaid @RFL Home & Garden expo

Me and my girls

26 feb. 2016

On Aleh:

Hair: *PH* 8129 @Creators collection box
Top: miwa's airship- Baseball uniform RARE #1 @Sanarae Feb
Shorts: miwa's airship- Baseball uniform RARE #1Pants @Sanarae Feb
Bag: FLite.- Carry On Tote (Navy)- Common #
Pose: Belleposes - Mariana 6 (water bottle included)

On Annie:

Backpack: Ninety- Llama Backpack @Sanarae
Hair: Moon Hair -Often  @Kustom round Febraury
Baseball uniform: miwa's airship- Baseball uniform Rare @Sanarae Feb
Beanie: AMITOMO.- Knit Beanie black 

On Diana:

Shoes: REIGN.- Tomahawks- Black
Suit: {amitomo} Girl schoollook Cardigans
Hair:  Exile::Come What May Naturals
Glasses: [Buzz] Kaleido Glasses - Black Frames

Pose Annie/Diana:

!bang - lineup


Build: :HAIKEI: School Gacha / Classroom Skybox {RARE}
Books: floorplan. book clutter
Locker: 5.{amitomo} .School Locker
Baseball bat:  :HAIKEI:  Attic Storage Gacha {3}
Cooler: GCD - Mesh Water Cooler (V2.3)
Bag (floor): =Zenith=Back to School Bag -RH (Black) small
Chair: 2.{amitomo} .School Chair
Papers: *ionic* intento inflexible - papers on floor

Mine, he whispers, yours, I breathe..

25 feb. 2016

On Aleh

Hair: +elua+ Gemma_Brown
Earrings: Zisbka - Fabi Earring @On9
Dress: !:Lybra:! Cupid's Prize (Lust) @On9
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Valentine Heels

*CS* Discipline Full scene @Thrift Shop


Sofa: :CP: Hello Vegas Corner Sofa @Fameshed
Book: 26 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Book - Reading
Notebook: Flite. Mypad Notebook (Wear)- Tan / Common
Rugs: 34 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Old Rugs
Telephone: 18 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Off the Hook
Whisky set: 33 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Whisky Set
Tea: 30 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Out of Tea
Lamp: Di'Cor Pollen Table Lamp [White] @On9
Frames: [ zerkalo ] Black Line - Frames - Limited Edition @Monsieur chic

Let's go on an adventure together!

23 feb. 2016

On Aleh:

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.BORDER. (female ) @On9
Cardigan: tomoto, simple cardiganF FAT @Creators collection box
Jeans: Bamboo. Ripped Jeans @Gen-neutral
Pose: Signature Pose - Simple @Gen-neutral


Build: 1. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Chaya House set) Chaya House [RARE] @Creators collection box
2. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha AMAZAKE Server [RARE] @Creators collection box
 10. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (SENBEI set) SENBEIYAKI @Creators collection box
 8. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (YUNOMI) Red @Creators collection box
 9. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (YUNOMI) Blue @Creators collection box
5. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Chair) no animation @Creators collection box
30. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (SENBEI CAN) @Creators collection box
23. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (DANGO A) Gara @Creators collection box
27. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (AMAZAKE) Brown @Creators collection box
22. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Green tea set) Blue / Tray @Creators collection box
20. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Chazutsu) @Creators collection box
21. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Green tea set) SAKURA / Tray @Creators collection box
19. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (YUNOMI) Wood @Creators collection box
16. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Poster set) AMAZAKE @Creators collection box
15. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (CaseB) @Creators collection box
29. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Noren) OYASUMIDOKORO @Creators collection box
16. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Poster set) SENBEI @Creators collection box
28. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (MARONEKO set / Pot) Secret @Creators collection box
13. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case A set) Case A @Creators collection box
13. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case A set)Senbei Bag A @Creators collection box
13. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case A set) Senbei Bag B @Creators collection box
13. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case A set) Senbei Bag C @Creators collection box
13. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case A set) senbei Bag D @Creators collection box
3. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (DANGO set) DANGO RARE @Creators collection box

I'm not bad, i'm just drawn that way...

20 feb. 2016

On Aleh:

Kitty: +H-D+/Le PC *Kitty Galore* Cat E (rez) @Collabor88
Top: KITJA - Kerca Shirt BLACK @Kustom9
Jeans: KITJA - Kerca Pants NAVY @Kustom9


Build: :HAIKEI: Attic Storage Gacha Skybox RARE @Kustom9
Puppy: Fawny - My little puppy - 8
Crate sit: Serenity Style- Crate Sit @Gen-neutral
Watercolor: :HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {7}
Paint tubes: Serenity Style- Oil Paint Tubes @Gen-neutral
Single brush: Serenity Style- Single Brush @Gen-neutral
Paint Bucket: :HAIKEI:  My vintage art studio / Gacha {4}
Photos on floor::HAIKEI: Attic Storage Gacha {4} @Kustom9
Pile of board games: Second Spaces - Cluttered House - pile of board games
Brushes: Serenity Style- Brushes @Gen-neutral
Pile of canvas: Serenity Style- Pile of Canvas @Gen-neutral
Kitty: +H-D+/Le PC *Kitty Galore* Cat D (rez) @Collabor88
Clothes on box: :HAIKEI: where you've been /gacha {3}
Pile of photos: {what next} Pile of Photos Decor
Work bench: Clustered. Art Studio Collection. Work Bench @TresChic
Covered paint bucket: Clustered. Art Studio Collection. Paint Bucket @TresChic
Unused canvas: Clustered. Art Studio Collection. Unused Canvas @TresChic
Wall canvas: Serenity Style- Wall Canvas @Gen-neutral
Papers: *ionic* papelitos
Single canva: Serenity Style- Single Canvas @Gen-neutral
Easel: Serenity Style- Easel @Gen-neutral
Covered chair: DIGS - Covered Chair B - Dirty [MESH]
Covered sofa: DIGS - Covered Sofa - Dirty [MESH]
Table: :HAIKEI:  where you've been /gacha {2}
Barstool: tarte. barstool (painted)

Sweet whispers

18 feb. 2016

On Aleh

Hair: pr!tty - Dara - {Brown 3}
Glasses: [Z O O M] Cat Eyes Glasses
Necklace: paper.arrow leaf.necklace silver
Dress: tres blah - Celia Cutout Dress - Red @Collabor88


{xoxo poses} Sweet Whispers @Black tie


Lanterns: [we're CLOSED] paper lanterns earth 
Bench: GOOSE - Lovers heart bench (oak serie) @LTD
Plant: GOOSE - Heart potted plant (oak serie) @LTD
Hill: GOOSE - Lovers hill (texture change) @LTD
Dog: +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Butterfly Watching
Dog: +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Just Chillin
Flowers: LB_Sunflowers{Field}

Tree: JIAN :: Wise Owl's Tree

Be my valentine

15 feb. 2016

On Aleh

Hair: Moon. Hair. // Code Uma @Collabor88

Glamrus . Never Be Alone FM .addme - @Gen neutral


Build: Apple Fall Old Manufactory
Curtain: [P] Pillow, Vday Wall Shelf w/Heart Curtain
Wall decor: [P] Pillow Vday Heart Wall Decor
Cushion: [P] Pillow Vday Heart Cushion
Cats: Birdy. Shabby Cats - Heart! - W&G
Rug: [P] Pillow Vday Heart Rug
Rose: Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Flower Box
Heart table:[P] Pillow Vday Heart Table
Coffee cup: floorplan. coffee cup / hot mess
Coffee cup: floorplan coffee cup / sir
Candy: Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Candy Box
Chocolate heart: [P] Pillow, Chocolate Heart
Cards: [P] Pillow, Assorted Valentine's Day Cards
Cat: +Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) - Choco Point
Basket kitties: Birdy. Shabby Cats - Basket-o-Kitties - Light
Frames: Stockholm&Lima: Little Butterfly Boxes

I'm in love with a criminal!

13 feb. 2016

Hair: Lamb. Banshee @Collabor88
Tattoo: .Things.- Eloi Tattoo
Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Nikita Dress - Black - Unzipped @Collabor88
Gun: Soy. Poket Automatic Gun [for wear] @Collabor88
Shoes: Kenvie - Devaio Black @Flower power


Le Poppycock *Provocatrice* Plausible deniability @Collabor88


Build: Apple Fall Old Manufactory
Dummy: Soy. Gun Target Dummy @Collabor88
Sofa: :CP: Hello Vegas Corner Sofa (PG) @Fameshed
Money bundle: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen - Money Bundle Rolled
Bullet in box: Soy. Bullet in box @Collabor88
Notebook: Flite. Mypad Notebook Display- Brown Leather
Wine: :CP: Hello Vegas Wine @Fameshed
Scattered bullets: Soy. Scattered bullets @Collabor88
Rug: { Speakeasy } OId rug
Case: Soy. Secret attache case [Closed] @Collabor88
Mountain bills: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen - Mountain Bills
Table: [ zerkalo ] Black & White - Table
Chair: Apple Fall  Dutch Parlour Chair
Bottles: Apple Fall  Ceramic Bottles
Frame: Apple Fall  Cat Prints
Case open: Soy. Secret attache case [Opend] @Collabor88
Money bundle: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen - Money Bundle Clean
Gun decor: Soy. Poket Automatic Gun [for decor] @Collabor88
Hip flask: Soy. Hip flask with lether cover @Collabor88

C L A Vv. Guitar Gun Case Deco Brown RARE

I'm Yours

8 feb. 2016

On Aleh

Hair: ::Exile:: Waiting for Tonight:Brownie
Earrings: MINIMAL - Stella Earrings @Uber
Necklace: MINIMAL - Zima Necklace Gold RARE
Dress: *JB* Annabelle Dress - White


*CS & YD* Wedding Set @Premiun only


Arch: *CS & YD* Wedding Set - Arch @Premiun only
Trunks: *ionic* Trunks & Lights {divider}
Chair: *CS & YD* Wedding Set - Chair @Premiun only
Roses: Stockholm&Lima - Valentine's Blush Flower Box 
Floor: Stormwood: Roman Paving Stone Floor F (grass)
Candles: GOOSE - Love is a candle light (free)
Dog: +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Butterfly Watching
Flowers: LB_Sunflowers{Field}

Our game 2night

6 feb. 2016

On Aleh

Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Rain
Bracelet: MINIMAL - Lacross Silver @MOM
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Noc Tattoo
Top/Skirt: -tres blah - Helena Outfit  - Plaid @N21
Shoes: REIGN.- Onyx Heels FATPACK (50L)


{Rose & Thorn} - Our game 2night 1 @PHAT Fashion Fair


Build: junk. ziggy's retreat. @Fameshed
Papers: *ionic* papelitos
Shelf: Epicene - Shelf Life [Boho]
Dream Catcher: .random.Matter. - Athena Dream Catcher - Pink [Black] @Chapter four
Bed: uK - Canvas Hope Day Bed (pose not included) @Fameshed
Footstool: uK- Canvas Hope Footstool @Fameshed
Lamp: uK- Canvas Hope Floor Lamp @Fameshed
Pillow: [we're CLOSED] pillow stack spring pink
Frame: floorplan. i love you canvas
Plant: tarte. tea planter (blue)
Tv/Console: .: Standby Inc. - Super Life Gaming Set
Rugs: Kalopsia - Rugs - Moustache
Cat; +Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat - Choco Point

Capture the night

2 feb. 2016

On Ale

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Neema
Top: paper.arrow
Short: paper.arrow pj.shorts donuts


{Rose & Thorn} Capture the night


Build: floorplan row house / yellow
Bed: tarte. stargazer floor bed (day)
Photos: {what next} Pile of Photos
Phone: VCO - bunny phone (WM2) gatcha
Frames: *ionic* Life Goes
Table: tarte. barstool (painted) 
Hair care: [ zerkalo ] Black & White - Hair Care
Books: [ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
Papers: *ionic* intento inflexible - papers on floor
Basket: floorplan. book basket
Sofa: *ionic* I N S P I R E -sofa-
Desk: Scarlet Creative - Artist Desk and Plant
Paper trash: .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Paper Trash

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