It always seems impossible until it's done

30 mar. 2017

Hair: DOUX - SF Collection #4 [M]
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Visitor Lanyard: MadPea MBI Visitor Lanyard @ Madpea
Top: MadPea MBI Female Top @ Madpea
Pants: MadPea MBI Female Jeans @ Madpea

Soy. Wooden Drawer Cabinet with Caster
Soy. Rusty Pipe Bed [A]
Soy. Broken Wash Sink

* SORGO - Book and Papers
* SORGO - N* Laptop
* SORGO - B Knuckles / Steel
* SORGO - N* PaperStack RARE

MadPea Sinister Slaughters Tarot Death Spread
MadPea Mysterious Suitcase
MadPea Mystery Psychic Gacha - Infrared Camera (add) RARE

..::THOR::.. Bullitt Poster
..::THOR::.. De Gruyer's Store Poster
..::THOR::.. Taxi Driver Poster

Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic

29 mar. 2017

Hair: DOUX - SF Collection #4 
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Shoes: AMD - Ballerina High Lace Heels (Maitreya) - Black


Build: IONIC : The Apothecary - RARE
IONIC : Apothecary Shelf
IONIC : Apothecary Medicinal Herbs
IONIC : Ancient Stairs
*ionic* Butterfly in a dome {big}
IONIC : Botanical & Alchemy Arts {Book & Prints}
IONIC : Cauldron
IONIC : Magic flowers
IONIC : Forest Potion
*ionic* Ancient Blood Samples
IONIC : Apothecary Counter
IONIC : Ancient Book display [Occultism]
IONIC : Magic Wands Display
IONIC : Ouija Board Display

[Ketamine]Strange Pillow Deimo GROUND shadow
[Ketamine]Strange Pillow Moon GROUND&WALL shadow
[Ketamine]Strange Pillow Deimo
[Ketamine]Strange Pillow Deimo GROUND&WALL shadow
[Ketamine]Strange Pillow Moon
[Ketamine]Strange Pillow Moon GROUND shadow
[Ketamine]Occult Rug Ritual

@ Madpea New game!!
MadPea Tower Tapestry - Wheel of Fortune
MadPea Tower Skull Cabinet
MadPea Tarot Tower Card Display

Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Owlie - Snow
LB _Spookytree3
[La Baguette] The Wizard cat Stand White furr - Black marks

All of me loves all of you

28 mar. 2017

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Limna /Brown @ Uber
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Necklace: .: Runic :. Heart Necklace @ Lost & Found
Top: AMD - Kalani Top @ Shiny Shabby
Bracelet: MINIMAL - Esposa Bracelet *3*, *2*, *1* @ Shiny Shabby
Pants: AMD - Kalani Pants @ Shiny Shabby


LB _WeepingWillow.V2 
Bohemian Wagon (PG) CHEZ MOI @ Decocrate
[ keke ] wild crocus blush . many @ Lost & Found

Falling in love

27 mar. 2017

Hair: Opale . Elly Hair @ Tres chic
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Eyelashes: Matt & Gloss Colourswap HUD @ Lost & found
Necklace: *PerveTTe* Lace Crystal [Set] [Fatpack] @ Lost & found
Bracelet: MINIMAL - Esposa Bracelet *3*, *2*, *1* @ Shiny Shabby
Top: .:villena:. - V top - Burgundy @ Uber

And I would've did anything for you, to show you how much I adored you, but it's too late to save our love.

23 mar. 2017

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Veronica> Natural Tones 1 @ Cosmopolitan
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Bracelets: Ama. : Simple Truths Bracelets : Right / Left @ Lost & Found
Top: .:villena:. - Torn Cropped Shirt - GnR Dip @ Kustom9
Jeans: .:villena:. - Distressed Superskinny - Light Blue


.peaches. Expecto Patronum Shadow Box - Wolf @ The Fantasy Collective
Peaches 'n Cream - Sheepie Plush {REZ} @ The Kawaii Project
[Cosmic Dust] - FuckBoy Repellent {REZ ME} - For Fifty linden Fridays on 3/24
SAYO - District Map - Washington DC @ Fameshed
Persona - Dude Lamp @ Lost & Found

Soy + Toro. Neon Night Apartment Skybox RARE
Soy + Toro. Hanged Calendars and etc.
Soy + Toro. water bamboo
Soy + Toro. Torovision TV
Soy + Toro. cola set
Soy + Toro. Old Foldable Table
Soy + Toro.unwashed dishes
Soy + Toro. Plastic Chair
Soy + Toro. Unplugged Fan
Soy + Toro. potted butterfly palm
Soy + Toro. laundry basket
Soy + Toro. Metal Bed
Soy + Toro. Heartshaped Ashtray
Soy + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat

Sleepy Eddy_ Displayed Glasses (White)
* SORGO - Tea Cup Empty
The Secret Store - Paper Bin
.random.Matter. - Dorm Life - Soju Bottles
C L A Vv. Hibernating Time - Stack of Books
Sleepy Eddy_Hoodie Clutter (Gray) RARE
Sleepy Eddy_Money Clip

Do you think about me?

21 mar. 2017

Hair: DOUX - SF Collection #2
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Suit: Scandalize. Vary Playsuit. @ Cosmopolitan


Serenity Style- Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Flower HEARTS 
Serenity Style- Pretty Wooden Bunnie- Bucket Pink

[ keke ] old garden greenhouse @ Decocrate
[ keke ] simple garden divider . green
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup @ The Arcade

B*tches love me!

15 mar. 2017

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Ruda /Brown @ Collabor88
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Choker: Ec.cloth - Lawin Choker - Silver @ The Chapter four
Top: N-Uno - Nicole Short Top // N 3 @ The Chapter four
Rings: @ The Chapter four
Ec.cloth - Anita Rings Set - Silver
Ec.cloth - Lawin Rings Set - Silver
Ec.cloth - Triagle Lux Ring - Silver

{NANTRA} Silent Movie 1 @ ULTRA

No matter what happens... Some memories can never be replaced

14 mar. 2017

Hair: pr!tty - April - {Roots} @ The chapter four
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Choker: Ec.cloth - Lawin Choker - Silver @ The chapter four
Bracelet: MINIMAL - Nina Bracelet *7* -Silver- @ The chapter four
Top: N-Uno - Nicole Short Top // N 3 // @ The chapter four
Skirt: N-Uno - Nicole Skirt // N 1 // @ The chapter four

XXY - Let's shop 1 @ The chapter four


Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bus stop - copy
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Umbrellas - copy
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bench [Green] copy
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bicycle [Heavy Rust] - copy
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bicycle [Yellow] - copy
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Head - copy
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - CableCar [Copy]
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Umbrellas - copy

*ionic* Vintage cart
*ionic* Antique recycled windows {wooden}
*ionic* Distressed Piled Windows
*ionic* Piled drawers
*ionic* intento inflexible - papers on floor
*ionic* Old Cabin Cablewall (red)
*ionic* Old Swing (yellow)
*ionic* Adventure Sign
*ionic* Old Cabin Cablewall (yellow)
*ionic* Swan Boat
*ionic* Billboard

LB _WeepingWillow.V2
LB _WildGrass*1Li{Green}
[ keke ] still falling leaves - orange

We were together I forget the rest...

13 mar. 2017

Hair: DOUX - Kim Hairstyle 
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Top: Kaithleen's Leather Bustier Top - Black @ Cosmopolitan
Shorts: .:villena:. - Laced Up Ripped Shorts - Blue

Jos, ty ♥
Credits HERE

Le Poppycock *With You* Couples Pose @ The chapter four


Build: :HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha / RARE

Kalopsia - Faith's Bed - PG
Kalopsia - Faith's Side Table
Kalopsia - Faith's Lamp
Kalopsia - Faith's Copper Mug
Kalopsia - Faith's Frame
Kalopsia - Faith's Message

7 MI Book Stalk [1 LI]
1 MI Apple Book [1 LI]

LB _BloomingTree{Lavender}
LB _BloomingTree{Lavender}*Small
LB _Hill{Low Li}

LB _Snakeweed{4Seasons} @ Fameshed
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 12. Laundry Pups @ The Arcade

Life is art, paint your dreams

11 mar. 2017

Hair: DOUX - Kristi Hairstyle - fades
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Top: Stories&Co. Baby Tee - Fatpack @ Collabor88
Shorts: Stories&Co. Soft Briefs - Fatpack @ Collabor88


ionic : Spirit House RARE 
ionic : Little red Alien [poster]
ionic : Canvas & other stuff table
ionic : Clover little plant
{Imeka} Cup of tea - 2 RARE
{Imeka} Cup of tea - 1 RARE
ionic : Painter's easel

.peaches. A Series of Unfortunate Photos (Light Brown)

Serenity Style- The Painter Place-Dummy
Serenity Style- The Painter Place - Brushes Pot 1
Serenity Style- The Painter Place - Brushes Pot  2
Serenity Style- The Painter Place-Carpets
Serenity Style- The Painter Place- Oil Paint Box RARE
Serenity Style- The Painter Place- Paint Pots  Line
Serenity Style- The Painter Place- Paint Pots Tower

Soy. Shag Shag Stool [Cream]

The Secret Store - Washi Tape
The Secret Store - Watercolor
+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - High-Tech Yarn - Snow
The Secret Store - Planner

Kalopsia - Joyce's Hanging Garland - Small Double
Serenity Style- Oil Paint Tubes
:HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {4}
Clustered. Art Studio Collection. Paint Bucket


10 mar. 2017

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay - Down Blow - Natural dye @ The Arcade
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Top: .:villena:. - Coins Halter Top - Ethnic
Bracelet: [ bubble ] Gleaming Bracelets @ The Chapter four
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: Assi Gacha Bag (brown) copy.ver @ The Chapter four
Shorts: .:villena:. - Coins Shorts - White


Kalopsia - Bibi's Cabin RARE 1
Kalopsia - Bibi's Screen - Red
Kalopsia - Bibi's Screen - Blue
Kalopsia - Bibi's Table - Natural
Kalopsia - Bibi's Lantern - Green
Kalopsia - Bibi's Floor Pillow 1
Kalopsia - Bibi's Rug - Purple
Kalopsia - Bibi's Plant - Purple
Kalopsia - Bibi's Dreamcatcher - Reward
Kalopsia - Bibi's Chair - Blanket
Kalopsia - Bibi's Lantern - Blue
Kalopsia - Bibi's Table - Green
Kalopsia - Bibi's Can Plant - Blue/Pink
Kalopsia - Bibi's Couch

Stockholm&Lima:Boho Black Out Curtain #3
*HEXtraordinary* Marble Buddha Statue
GOOSE - Boho chic hang chair
:CP: Free Spirit Elephant Pouffe
:CP: Free Spirit Mandala Pouffe
Vagabond - Mojave Cacti Pompom Pillows
*HEXtraordinary* Buddha Incense Burner
*Hextraordinary* Lotus Candle Holder

I am the bad b*tch, the b*tch that you're loving now

8 mar. 2017

Hair: *ARGRACE* Akane - Dark Browns
 Shape: pc - Rebeca Shape
 socks _CandyDoll_Katie Socks Black @ Whore couture 7
 tattoo: - TattooMania / Sexy Print / fresh and Faded 

Hair: *ARGRACE* TSUMUGI - Blonde [A]
Head: CATWA - Kimberly (bento)
Bra: AMD - Strapped Bra (Maitreya) - Black
Harness top: AMD - Strapped Harness Top (Maitreya) - Leather
Panty: AMD - Strapped Panty (Maitreya) - Black
Harness bottom: AMD - Strapped Harness Bottom (Maitreya) - Leather

Hair: DOUX - Kim Hairstyle [M]
Outfit: AMD - Take Flight - Black @ Whore couture 7


[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party Skybox
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party 10 Seater Sofa - PG
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party Table
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party VIP Rope 1
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party VIP Rope 5

220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Cup w/ Pepper]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Bottle Closed]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Bottle Half Juice]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Board]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Bottle Empty]

CMYK// 1. give me your banana
CMYK// 5. Mini stage
CMYK// 3. red light
CMYK// 2. tip jar
CMYK// 4. money

uk - Neon Stud Angel
uK - Neon Nanner

LAGOM- la petite serre [Bar] RARE

Lets give them something to talk about!

6 mar. 2017

Hair: DOUX - Veronique Hairstyle [M]
CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento)
Tee: (Milk Motion) sleeveless denim jacket - inner cropped tee
Jacket: (Milk Motion) sleeveless denim jacket - cyan - folk
Shoes: REIGN.- DEVON BOOTS -  Black

Alex, ty parce!
Credits HERE!

::SenseS:: Couple Pose 50 


BUENO-Hidden Bunker Skybox- REWARD @ The Arcade

..::THOR::.. Refurnished Pickup Bar 
..::THOR::.. Draft Beer Serving (TB)
..::THOR::.. Refurnished Rim Stool
..::THOR::.. Thor Pilsener Bottle (rez)
..::THOR::.. Pink Sponge
..::THOR::.. Ashtray
..::THOR::.. Dusty Wine Bottle
..::THOR::.. Empty Glasses
..::THOR::..Thor Pilsener Mug (rez)
..::THOR::.. Barrel

220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Board]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Cup Half Juice]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Bottle Half Juice]
220ML - El Caliente Pepper Juice [Cup w/ Pepper]

Apt B // Bang Bang Neon Sign
Second Spaces - Party Drinks - after the party
Pallet sofa - Industrial 

The secret ingredient is always love

4 mar. 2017

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Lien /Brown
Shirt: Mikunch Boy Friend Shirts with Cami & Body(xs)navy white B,chec

Hair: DOUX - Arcangel Hairstyle // No materials
Necklace: [Bad Unicorn] x ///BENJAMINZ// Cuatro Uzi Chain

*CS* Together is Better - FullScene

Build: [Schultz Bros.] Drury Lane - B
LAGOM-Livin Eco [Kitchen] RARE
tarte. vintage frame (tea)
+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Better View (rez)
Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Paper Towel 2

MadPea GOFBB Broken Eggs
MadPea GOFBB Tin of Baking Powder
[La Baguette] One Honey Cupcake Left /Bloggers
MadPea GOFBB Measuring Spoons
MadPea GOFBB Rolling Pin
MadPea GOFBB Bowl of Flour
MadPea GOFBB Recipe Book
MadPea GOFBB Whisk
MadPea GOFBB Kitchen Scale Black RARE
MadPea GOFBB Tin of Icing Sugar
MadPea GOFBB Whipping Cream
MadPea GOFBB Cocoa & Butter
MadPea GOFBB Bag of Sugar
MadPea GOFBB Eggs
MadPea GOFBB Milk Jug
MadPea GOFBB Bag of Flour

Best friends because we bad b*tches

3 mar. 2017

Diana (left)
Hair: DOUX - Jennie Hairstyle [M]
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya (bento)
Necklace: Kibitz - Lunar multi-necklace - onyx @ N21
Bracelet: Kibitz -- Olivia Watch - Black - LEFT @ N21
Bag: Birdy - Frenchie - Bag - Cross @ The Arcade
Outfit: REIGN.- Chanel No1 Outfit (Maitreya) FATPACK @ The Arcade
Fashiowl - Shopping 2 - Pose (Rez) @ Tres chic

Aleh (right)
Hair: [NYNE] Hair 'Fiorda' - unrigged @ The Chapter four
Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly (bento) 
Choker: Mowie. - "Kasia" Choker @ Tres chic
Bracelet: *AvaWay* ZOI_Bracelet @ Tres chic
Dress: Mowie. - "Miranda" Dress @ Tres chic
Shoes: fame femme: Terra heels - Black @ Tres chic


Dead dollz - The Party One - Panties - Red
.Olive. the Forget me Not Bedroom - Cushion Stool

.Olive. the Presley Hair Curler - Neutral
.Olive. the Presley Hair Straightener - Netural
.Olive. the Presley Hairspray
+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Shopaholics - Noir RARE
+Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Luggage - Leather

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